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About each Article

Given below is one or two lines on each post written. Please see what would you like to read. Poems have been highlighted in Green


145. World’s poorest president on politics and money – Jose Mujica, Uruguayan president talks about why politics and money should be kept apart.

144. The old man and the river – A short story of an old man’s journey towards truth and of the very old river beside which he lived and died.

143. Dying into Redwoods – by Tai Sheridan

142. Guardians of forests, of life – On Oct. 12, 2013, a group of nearly 300 women from seven indigenous nationalities marched to Quito, Ecuador, arriving in the capital four days later with their children in their arms, the sharp angles of their faces — young and old — decorated with vegetable ink designs, covered in the same strength and determination with which they began their journey. They were marching to Quito to ask the central government to respect their ancestral lands, to refrain from exploiting the oil that lies beneath his Kawsak Sacha, a living jungle

141. Letter to Gandhi – A letter to Gandhi on why I revere him.

140. Trees: the most penetrable preachers – I love trees. Here is perhaps one of the most beautiful passages I have ever read, from Hermann Hesse’s Trees: Reflections and Poems.

139. The most reasonable and peaceful way – Once again I pick myself to pen down something about Irom Sharmila.

138. Her dolls speak to the world – We talk about how teachers are present not only in these little coloured boxes but all around us. In fact if we look around we surely would find so many more interesting people with wonderful gifts all around us, people who are not only doing interesting things but would be more than happy to teach us the same. I recently had the privilege to learn art of making dolls from one such wonderful person – Francoise Bosteels.

137. Like the flowing river – by Manuel Bandeira

136. Make the ordinary come alive – A poem by William Martin

135. Prison diaries – Story of a land where fighting for the under-privileged, raising your voice against the atrocities committed by rich and powerful is deemed as a Criminal offence and can lead to severest of punishments.

134. Anand Patwardhan on why he is a failure – Recently he won the V. Shantaram Lifetime Achievement Award at the Mumbai International Film Festival, 2014 – the world’s largest and oldest international festival for non-feature and animation films. In this, his Acceptance Speech, he talks about why he thinks he is a failure, no matter what the world thinks of him and his works.

133. The Great Forgetting – From one of my favorite books, Ishmael – where a Gorilla teaches a man how to live life. The article talks about on what went wrong and why did we end up like we are today.

132. For the love of money – A letter by Sam Polk on money, emptiness and finding happiness

131. How do hunter gatherers raise their kids – by Jared Diamond

130. The Man who planted trees – A beautiful story by Jean Giono

129. Nestle: the new age water lord – On one hand when Nestle moves to privatize ownership of water there are others who despite all the difficulties go around distributing the same for free.

128. If you had to make a quill – A few stories and poems about the dying art of making things with hands.

127. A world so perfect – Beautiful, or you could say… a controversial poem

126. Like a river, I flow – Going beyond beliefs, learning from the flow of water how to live

125. Listening to your own being – by Bill Watterson, To invent your life’s meaning is not easy. But it is still allowed. And I think you will happier for the trouble.

124. A moment of silence – A poem by Emmanuel Ortiz

123. Broken dreams – a poem, author unknown

122. Am I then a naxalite – This post is about a group of youngsters singing their way to change and about the tyranny of a state hell bent to crush any form of dissent whatsoever.

121. Mother – A story – in a mother’s womb were two babies

120. A butterfly on a tree – In the late 1990s, environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill spent two years living in a 1000-year old redwood tree she named “Luna.” Her goal was to save it from being cut down by a logging company.

119. My way was opposite – By Masanoubu Fukuoka from his book – One straw revolution

118. and so I will tell them – Excerpts from the speech made by Adebayo C. Akomolafe at the Economics of Happiness conference

117. Remember who I really Am? – One of my favourite story by Neale Donald Walsch

116. Goddess of Beauty and Ugliness – A short story by Khalil Gibran

115. Friendliness – A poem of an old man and his street dog friend

114. Beyond Words – 2 short stories – 2 short stories on words, language…

113. Face to face with God – Another article to reflect my search for Truth.

112. Blood on the Marble floor – Stories… More stories of women from Morpalli village, Harna Kachar village, Bhallaguda village… of Soni Sori… of Lingaram Kodopi.

111. One among many – A poem – Are we really any different from an ant in the anthill?

110. Fragrance of Peace – A poem by Irom Sharmila – This is her 13th year of continuous hunger strike.

109. Story of Dhiren Smita – They changed their life style – Can we live a sustainable and conscious life? Can knowledge, work and devotion to life be combined together as a lifestyle? Can humans coexist peacefully with animals? Can we be the change with our own lives?

108. A brilliant reply – Here is a brilliant reply from a Native American chief to the offer made to them on Education by the Educated minds

107. The Truth that I seek – A poem reflecting my understanding of Truth…

106. The last free people on Earth – Somewhere in the Himalayas I had made friends with a shepherd. I asked him about freedom. He said, “My friend, Your eyes are too weak. See beyond you can see now. You will see free people. There, if you see hard, you will see one of my goats. It is free”. A story about Yanomami, a tribe living near Venezuela.

105. Circles and Squares – The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit. Here is a poem, that celebrates diversity, circles over squares, by ‘Ali Cobby Eckermann’, an Australian aboriginal, given to me by a dear friend who I had met somewhere in the mountains.

104. A jungle that ‘saved’ itself – A story – “Monkeys had already been talking about it for long, over lunch, over dinner, even during sex. The word, Globalization was now quickly spreading and everyone in one of the few forests left near Tanzania had heard about it. “They say either take it or leave””

103. Story of West Papua – A story of Greed, of atrocities… a story of destruction by Niall Fahy. I am already getting tired of the debates and arguments. All my heart tells me is that these atrocities could have easily been avoided. Let me just end it here…

102. Under the Shade of Tamarind Tree – January this year we decided to take children on an unconventional trip, a cycle trip to a small village near Hyderabad. The idea was not only to appreciate and enjoy nature but to understand nature in its raw form and to deepen our relationship with it. Here is a small recount of what all happened.

101. The poetry arrived. In search of me – Beautiful poem by Pablo Neruda

100. Is that so? – Hakuin, the Zen master lived in a small village. He was revered by everyone in and out of the village as one living a pure life. – A confusing yet compelling story.

99. She continued to give out food – A short story of Wonbe who used to throw food… and then continued to do so, while learning an important lesson in life.

98. If you are a poet – by Thich Naht Hanh – You cannot just be by yourself alone. This sheet of paper is, because everything else is.

97. The Ancient Tree – The Ancient Tree is a story Thich Nhat Hanh wrote remembering one of his students, Nhat Chi Mai. “Deep in the forest highlands stood a great, ancient tree. No one knew how many thousands of years it had lived…”

96. That other thing – A short story. “Wonbe used to work in a nearby farm…”

95. Rein in Life! – A poem that talks about control we all want in life… “It’s been long now. May be we Just need To let go And learn To love again

94. Why he must refuse his degree – A letter Michael wrote to University of Toronto, on why he refuses to take his degree. “I, Michael Vipperman, intend to renounce the degree I am being offered from the University of Toronto on June 14, 2012, in protest over the ongoing commodification and bureaucratization of education at this University…”

93. On Hypocrisy, Hollowness and IITs – A brilliant article on all the three things mentioned in the title by Prof. Devdas Menon.

92. Sagas from their World – 2 stories about African tribes – One by Tolba Phanem and another one famously called UBUNTU.

91. Create a Community – Series of 3 posters on building a Community… Simple thing I believe will bring peace to Earth.

90. A 90 year old story – A story of a group of women who added first of the few bricks in the structure of democracy and the price they had to pay for that – a story of women who fought for the right to vote, a right which imbues a more fundamental right, that to be acknowledged as an equal

89. Paths are made by walking – This is a transcript of the Baccalaureate address to the University of Pennsylvania’s graduating class of 2012, delivered by Nipun Mehta

88. The Elephant Whisperer – Are humans really more intelligent than Animals? Elephants? This incident made me think otherwise.

87. Educating the World – A few quotes from the movie, ‘Schooling the World’ that made me look deeper into the meaning of Education and Schooling more importantly.

86. An hour with ants – One day I spent an hour with Ants, seeing them closely, listening to what they had to tell me. I never thought I could learn anything from them till that day.

85. The Good, the Bad and the Vedanta – A take on Vedanta, a big Corporation, playing with lives of people and taking it to atrociously damaging levels.

84. To Humanity – A poem to Humanity, to you and to me on may be how to live. 

83. The wheel continues to grow – See the growing wheel…

82. A man impossible to classify – Laurie was called a wolf-man by many. He worked with addicts and others who needed him and was much loved. Lived a beautiful life and an amazing “one” year.

81. Like a river, I flow – If Water stays stationary, it will become stagnant; if it is allowed to flow, it will stay pure. A prose on beliefs, flow and the Truth.

80. Some skewed ratios – Why are people in Software and Banking paid so well.? Why does a maid get only 25th of the same.? No, I am not talking about the difference but the vulgarity and absurdity of the ratio. No, do not get annoyed. I am by no means asking you to take low salaries 🙂 Just venting out my misunderstanding.

79. There you Go! – A small picture book by Oren Ginzburg. A beautiful satire on what in the name of “Development” and “Sustainability” we are doing.

78. Let them find out their own meaning – If only we could understand it and leave our children to discover a future for themselves and shape their own path into the unknown, can we hope to have humans who live.

77. My bounden duty – It is a story of extraordinariness. Extraordinary will. Extraordinary simplicity. Extraordinary hope. It is impossible to get yourself heard in our busy age of information overload. But if the story of Irom Sharmila will not make us pause, nothing will.”

76. Letter to Mr. Mallya and Formula 1 fans – A letter, a rant from a pessimist (me) who does not see ‘progress’ and ‘development’ in Formula 1 races.

75. Name them – Try the quiz and see where you are being taken…

74. Unlike other Prime Ministers – The day when I met Tibetan Prime Minister at the old Delhi railway station. The day that that taught me things that I can never forget.

73. “Practical” is not an option – Here is an amazing article by Charles Eisenstein, inspired by the protests across the World connected to Occupy Wall street.

72. Unbroken history of “Touch them not” – As coverage of India in the mainstream media has moved on from snake-charmers to Bollywood and now to its (fake) economic strengths; its own politicians and foreign journalists gloss over the fact that deep in the heartlands there remain serious social problems… – one being that of Untouchability

71. So I write… – A poem on what propels me to write and what does not

70. Portraits from two different worlds – An experiment was conducted in a small school, where the children were asked to comment on the characteristics of the two portraits drawn in front of them. The results are startling and push us to think about many questions that go unnoticed.

69. On Children – A poem on children, on life by Kahlil Gibran

68. They Suffer. We Dream (Part 2) – This time it is about river Teesta and the TATAs (one of the most respected corporation of India). It is about those who are fighting with their lives against the oppression. It is to request you to stop sleeping and to stop partnering with those who commit atrocities.

67. A little girl on who inspires her – This is a story of two extraordinary children from a small Tibetan school near Dharamsala. A story that with ability to teach you more than any book ever could about life.

66. In search of Truth – My own story in pursuit of Truth, in search of answers to some of the very basic questions concerning life.

65. From अन्ना to Spain – This incident happened during Anna’s protest. A couple interested in playing a role in the protests goes to see him. It talks about how insensitive and numb we all have become to real issues and people around us.

64. Simple village life and the ‘discomfort’Ram Dass talks about voluntary and involuntary simplicity and whether the simple village life of the east is ‘the’ answer. A very beautiful article taken from his forward to the book ‘Voluntary Simplicity’

63. How to stop cutting the branch we are sitting on? – Some one has said that a single human can knock down every wall and change the time to come. I am writing this to share with you a few things that we can do, a few things that some people have already started doing

62. They suffer. We dream. – Do we know? – We are not allowed to teach our children the way we want! Our land is not ours and we can go to hell! And yet we are aware about so many things!

61. Sleeper class and love for pigeon holes – A little about my love for Sleeper class… a little on what I feel is wrong with AC class, flights and apartments and finally a little about pigeon holes and a village called Shingnapur

60. How Nature Speaks – Carrots, Beans, Tomatoes, Celery look at them and look at what in out body do they really cater to! See the connection? Isn’t it beautiful the ways Nature speaks to us?

59. He sits there – A must read poem by Neil Murray, an aboriginal from Australia. He writes about this man who sits in the rain for two days.

58. Once upon a time – Again a story, a story about man, animals and the hole…

57. Love it is – “It is when you breathe and… The fragrance is not your own” A poem on what love means to me

56. A kid on poverty + A Messiah – 2 minute stories… Do read 🙂

55. Beautiful Moon – A small story about a master, a thief and the beautiful moon

54. Questions, Doubts and possible seeds of change – “Why is it that all children of similar age groups are put together in a class?” The questions I pose to the existing system. And answers that I saw in Bir, a small Tibetan village up there somewhere in the Himalayas.

53. The Green Boy – A poem, about the green boy, a boy who doesn’t need to go to school to get educated, a boy who has the whole world as his classroom… I envy the buy who hasn’t been taught how to envy.

52. She wants to be a doctor – A young, bright and compassionate girl wants to become a doctor. However, her father is an Auto-rickshaw walla in Mcleodgunj.. What does she do?

51. Where 150 free-spirited people got together – This “Un”conference was attended by alternative healers, educationists, farmers.. and more importantly by 150 people from across the world, people who have painted their lives by different colors.

50. Turtles can fly – She does not represent any particular suffering… And yet I see her as a Symbol of Suffering itself. A review of the movie – Turtles can fly

49. What a Red Indian has to say? – What Native Americans have to say about today’s so called progress? “They have forgotten the instructions on how to live on Earth”…

48. Reflections on Women’s Day – “So if you’ve read this completely and agree with me even just a little, take this Women’s Day as a time to reflect what value hierarchy you are carrying within yourself. What work, what chore do you consider ‘below’ your standard to do? Why do you feel it is so? Explore that. And then try to do that work. I think empowerment begins from there.”

47. A Story of Creation – A story on how Amazon forest, richest ecosystem on face of Earth came into existence.. a story of tribal who lived then and of a little girl who lived in Ladakh.. a story on what are we doing to the forest now

46. Think Different – This one is inspired by ‘think different’ ad by Apple. Read, See and get inspired.

45. go free – a poem on freedom by a dear friend Amey…

44. The Basket Maker – A beautiful play by Tom Pruiksma – a story of a basket maker, his wife, and the little baskets they make, each basket telling a different story, sharing different colors.

43. Extraordinary journey – Here I talk about one of the most unconventional journeys I have been to till date. A cycle yatra with no money, no electronic items, no medicine and no pre-collected food.

42. The One Straw Revolution – One of the awesome-est book i have read till date. Fukuoka takes you into his own little revolutionary world where everything revolves around nature.

41. Translated Diary of Mr. Rickshaw Wallah – He hails from Ahmedabad, does not ask for money, has no meter, takes whatever is offered.

40. Astronomer Vs Hamlet – With the help of pictorial representation author discusses what Bertrand asks – “Is man what he seems to the astronomer, a tiny lump of impure carbon and water impotently crawling on this small and unimportant planet… Or is he what he seems to Hamlet?”

39. 3 short stories – Simple stories about Simple people and their lives. “I was awestruck, I could see deep wisdom in his hands, which were gnarled and veined from a century of living in the bush.

38. The Moneyless Man – “I just get up each morning and try and say if it happens it happens. I’m just trying to take life as it comes and enjoy it along the way” – Here is a man who one day decided to live for a change and quit using money.

37. A worthless Conversation – Siddhartha talks about his aspirations to the Old Man and explains his lifes calling.

36. Shankar, the farmer – The poem talks about certain people who are ousted from their villages (due to various circumstances) and lead a different life in cities.

35. A different kind of Cycle Yatra – Details on the Swapathgami Cycle Yatra. Read and find out more.

34. Back in the Sky – The poem talks about the new painting the poet wants to paint and put the stars back in the sky

33. I Double Dare you – Interesting poem given to me by a friend

32. Vidya – Story has been adapted from a masterpiece by Raj Kapoor (Shree 420). The post through the story tries to reflect on what right Shiksha should be and why is it not getting delievered in current scenario.

31. The Most Isolated Man on the Planet – As the name suggests, this brazillian tribal, is the most isolated man on the planet. His tribe is no more.. the land is taken away by land poachers. The post reflects on our involvement in the same.

30. Buddha and Upcycling – A story in continuation to one of the stories from Sadhu, Darpan and a little girl. Buddha realizes what is it to preserve. He smiles and goes…

29. Let Me Go Back in Time – Let Me go Back in Time, A Poem, A Prayer… The purity of the verses in the poem increases as you drink it again and again…

28. Broken Slippers – A trip to Girnar — Tryst with broken slippers — Understood what Gandhi meant when he said…

27. Sadhu, Darpan and a little girl – Three stories/ incidents I had heard off during my visit to a school in Jaunpur (near Kempty). All stories somewhere extol the good, quaint village life and the relationship with nature.

26. Why I love ‘Ravan’ & ‘Raavan’ – My experience after having read Ramayan for the first time in class eight… The love and wrath that I carry in my mind till date.

25. Which Tomato? – A small paragraph on how Brett compares Education with Tomatoes 🙂

24. Candle and the Dawn – Why is the nature always up and running and wide awake in the morning (unlike us). A poem inspired by thoughts of Tagore.

23. But I failed again – I tired to save a life, but failed to…

22. What do we mean by development? – Globalization Vs Localization for the intellectuals… A story of a change in Ladakh for the rest… 🙂

21. S-C-H-O-O-L-S 

20. You are brilliant, and the Earth is HIRING – A must read for anyone who has ever thought of changing the world for good. Brilliant lecture by Paul Hawken.

19. Baarish se jo rishta hai – Beautiful lyrics of a song sung by a kiddo from a village, whilst dancing in the rain holding her blue umbrella

18. Mighty instrument – A poem by Lord Byron on the mighty instrument that little men have…

17. Nutty Days :”) – A poem by the nut i was, on the changing days and changing thoughts… We change every seconds so do our thoughts… Everything in this world looks justified.. Everything..

16. Love for Scars – A poem, my pursuit for Scars and not Happiness… and my Love for them.

15. A sage and his destiny – What is right and what is wrong? A simple example of the same through a funny story about a Sage.

14. Gandhi’s Business Plan – An interview of Gandhi with an MBA graduate from a funding agency, that is seeking to fund the Indian Independence movement 🙂

13. Over 9 shocking years now..? – Talks about Irom Sharmila, a 37 year old woman from Manipur who has been on hunger strike for over 9 years and 4 months now. I hope all of you write about her and spread the news, for the media does not believe in doing it very often.

12. At night when candles burn – And I thought, it was only Ambedkar who used to study in candle light at night, when everyone else in his family slept. Story of 15,000 students from Mumbai who do the same.

11. Women’s reservation bill – Why and Why not? – Excerpts from a debate organized by RFGI in Ahmedabad.

10. Tia – the lovely little pigeon – A poem about the pigeon that died but left a deep impression on us and taught us the meaning of love. As someone has said, animals indeed are beautiful people.. A poem

9. What teacher’s make – A hillarious and brilliant poem on Teachers by Taylor Mali. You should read and listen to it.. 

8. A few more years – Why should you do what you want to do? and why should you do it now? A poem

7. She saw what I did not – It was a small village in Himalayas. I was all alone ready to get lost when she saw me.. A poem

6. Simplicity – Every time I read this simple story, this little boy full of wisdom comes and whispers in my ears, “Believe in the simplicity of life…” – Story of Markandeya

5. Revolution – Che Guevera’s definition of Revolution.

4. The last leaf – A touching story… Read if you have time, it will be worth it

3. Ruskin bond’s book of verse – Read the beautiful verse and go buy the book 🙂

2. Krishna’s lost flute – Did the hermit find the flute, the most beloved and mystical musical instrument ever? Or was it just a dream?

1. What will your verse be? – From my all time favourite movie, The dead poet’s society

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