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The most reasonable and peaceful way

August 22, 2014

I wrote thrice about her. Now, as she is imprisoned today once again, I pick myself up to write about her valor, go meet her if possible and just see her once. Because that is all I can do. When a journalist from Tehelka went to her in 2006, she simply said, “I am normal. I am normal. How should I explain? It is not a punishment. No, I am not inflicting myself with pain. It is just my bounden duty. I don’t know what lies in my future; that is God’s will. I have only learnt from my experience that punctuality, discipline and great enthusiasm can make you achieve a lot.”

In November this year Irom Sharmila would be completing 14 years of fasting, not having eaten or drunk anything since 2000. Here is another small poem written by her –

My hands be given to you
Dear friends
Greet me please
Very anxious I am
Want to show inside and outside
Words are too poor to express
May voice of ordinary
Of a flavorless smile
Yet wanted to have
The fuse of a bomb
To burn out all the dirt
May some costless tears
Yet wanted to glitter
On every single face
In the light of new epoch
May the step be of single
Of no strength
Yet wanted to make
The impression of hundreds on
To transform it into
Magic spell of courage
Open the door
Come out
Since possessing head and mouth
So hard to move on

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