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A world so perfect

October 20, 2013

Water beadThe angry beast and the motherly care
The searching eyes and the empty stare
The hope, strength and the couching fear
The hybrid seed and the organic pear

With all its acts and a hundred muses
With all the lines, folds and creases
The art so perfect in its entirety
Not a color pulled out of the palette will do

That sweet smell and prick of a thorn
The dying tree and seed just sown
The choking heart and the flowing breath
Those giggles of life and the gurgles of death

With all its joys, agonies and pains
With mindful walk and hurtling trains
The fabric so perfect with all its flaws
Not a string pulled out of the mesh will do

That healing hand and the killing knife
The empty stomach and wealth so rife
Those suited men and the naked pygmies
The growing buds and the smoking chimneys

With the still waters and the rolling beads
With innumerable species, tribes and creed
The world so perfect in its being
Not a drop pulled out of the ocean will do

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  1. Aranya permalink
    November 11, 2013 14:52

    Beautiful. And yet how difficult it is sometimes to live with this thought! When everything around you seems so clearly just the very opposite. Imperfections all around. I wonder if it is really true, if the world is really perfect!


  2. Aranya permalink
    November 11, 2013 14:54

    I see that you do recognize the imperfections and flaws, but would like to hear more


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