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Like a river, I flow

September 23, 2013

If Water stays stationary, it will become stagnant; if it is allowed to flow, it will stay pure.

We all have our beliefs, our own truths and yet how many of us are aware that the truth we so dearly cling to is nothing but our own interpretation of reality and not reality itself, not the Truth itself. Every person sticking to their belief seeing the world partially ready to thrash out the untruth out of other person; sticking to their definition of good or bad and right or wrong and in the process ready to discard, burn everything else.

Without the notion of evil can the good ever exist? Can right exist without wrong lingering around somewhere? As Thich Naht Hanh says – Sticking to our beliefs we keep discriminating against the garbage for the sake of rose not realizing that we need both right and left to make branch complete. And in this struggle when do we give ourselves time for reflection, space for understanding, or path to travel ahead? Understanding a small leaf for example…

Ah what fun it is to understand a leaf – a leaf in its completeness, a leaf in its various forms, a leaf in its innumerable connections – to understand a leaf that once was mother to a tree and now hangs from one its branches. Have we spent time with a leaf, talked to it about its life story? Have we asked the leaf if it is afraid because it is autumn and other leaves are falling off. I wonder if i will ever be able to understand the leaf. I do feel that more I understand the leaf the more I understand the world around me and more I will understand about myself. Will it ever be complete? I do not know. Is it meant to be?


A belief to me is like a hook in a river. It stops us from flowing, from remaining pure. Once caught by it, we stop and start to stagnate. As soon as I judge the leaf I will stop connecting to it, understanding its wholesomeness. No, I will not cling to a belief, for then I would miss knowing what lies beyond it. No, I will also not resist it and run away from it for if I do that I will end up hurting myself, damaging my being.

I shall rather try to understand the belief, for then alone would it dissolve into the flow and let me go… For then alone will I be free to flow and move on, to be caught by yet another hook, yet another belief. Relentlessly I will have to work and keep dissolving these hooks, these relative truths that bind me, that make me blind to others and their truths, that pull me into the quagmire of right and wrong.

The world might not understand and will resent my flow. Every time I dissolve and discard a belief, a untruth, it will discard me or peg me as a trouble-maker. Those who cling would pull me back and try to bind me.

And yet I will continue to flow and unfold with every step for I know that the Truth awaits me somewhere beyond…

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  1. Aranya permalink
    September 26, 2013 10:37

    How very beautiful.! Loved it. Thanks for writing.


  2. Aranya permalink
    September 26, 2013 10:38

    mesmerizing picture too..


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