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A butterfly on a tree

April 22, 2013

Julia Butterfly HillIn the late 1990s, environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill spent two years living in a 1000-year old redwood tree she named “Luna.” Her goal was to save it from being cut down by a logging company. Throughout her ordeal, Hill weathered freezing rains and 40 mph winds from helicopter harassment, a ten-day siege by company security guards, and attempted intimidation by angry loggers.

She waited over two years until the logging company that “owned” the tree accepted to sign an agreement that left Luna and a nearly three-acre buffer zone protected in perpetuity. A few months later someone used a chainsaw to make one deep cut that went through a significant portion of the tree.

Here is one the poems she wrote while on that tree –

A man’s pride swells 
as the latest giant smashes to the ground 
its thunderous crash
the applause he will forever hear ringing in his ears 
It’s a conquest to him
his chainsaw victory over the defenseless victims 
another trophy to decorate his imaginary wall

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