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Beyond Words – 2 short stories

February 17, 2013

Here are two short stories I had recently heard from Ramdas during one of the gatherings –

Beyond that one word

A Canadian diplomat and his wife had created a few spaces for mentally handicapped people – spaces where these people would not be seen as separate and distinct entities, but as part of community, as part of us. During one of my visit to one such space, I saw a man there who was both mentally challenged and blind. His mode of communication were severely limited. He could only say one word – Dosai (a South Indian dish). If he wanted food, he would say Dosai. If we wanted to go to toilet, he would say Dosai. To communicate his pain, his love, his irritation his anger, he had the support of only one word – Dosai. Yet he was able to communicate his feelings through this old lady who had slowly learnt to understand him beyond his words. Every time the man would start saying Dosai, she would go to him, touch him and with what she felt while she was close to him, understood what he really felt. In midst of people who find it difficult to understand each other despite the plethora of words, here was one who had learnt to with just that one word.

Beyond words

I was sent to evaluate a community hospital. The hospital dealt with different kind of patients including the ones who were suffering from worst kind of Leprosy. I had heard of this doctor who worked freely and patiently with a lot of such patients. I had to meet him. At the time I went, he was standing in front of one of the doors, opening the lock. I asked him, “How do you do this? Is it not a tough thing to do?” He just turned towards the leprosy patient who was standing right behind us. He hugged him, smiled at me and went inside. Nothing expressed in words could have been more apt, I thought and left from there.

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  1. March 18, 2013 12:04

    “In midst of people who find it difficult to understand each other despite the plethora of words”
    I believe that it isn’t ‘despite’ the plethora of words, but because of it. There is a lot more message in silence than in words, for even the most expressive set of words chosen to describe how you feel, it is something else that speaks a lot louder – you.


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