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Face to face with God

February 3, 2013

I am slowly discovering how difficult the path to finding the Truth is. Every other Truth you discover, every single step you take ahead breaks you and makes you again. Its a struggle to keep walking and yet I feel it is the difficulties, the struggle that helps one keep moving ahead. In my pursuit for Truth, I first started discovering (still there) the fallacies of the world we live in – the growing inequality in society, the growing insecurity and growing need for safe and secure environment and hidden dormant urge to be free.   I saw how the people in power be it anywhere, the corporations, the government, temples and even schools, have got into a habit of exploiting those below them. How power corrupts a human being and how we need to work towards a more equitable and peaceful society. I started realizing, how the technology, the growing pace, the growing power over nature that we command, does not really make us great. How it does not really say anything about us. And what we really need is to learn how to not harm others for our benefit, how to live a simple life so that others could also live. If we could create a more just and loving place for all to live in.

Happy and armed with the ideas I went ahead to preach the same to people around me, to change the world. To talk to them about the ills of the fast paced race, of using industrialization and modern technology as means of consolidating power. What hit me was that not many want to listen to these things, not many out there would want to sit and think as to how one’s lifestyle, one’s work affects the rest of society. Not many would want to probe their actions and see if in any way their actions are causing harm somewhere else. I was completely(still, but now a little less) distressed at times.

I want to change whatever little I can in my own life style. In my pursuit to understand the connections, I have come to an understanding that one should prefer buying stuff from local shops and help those people than to buy from big malls and growing chains. The reason for all this is that I do not wish to support any growing power structures. It is hard to not change something in you, when you see that your life style is responsible for someone falling into the trap of poverty. It is also equally hard to change anything small. So, I believe the easy way out is to neglect the connection, ignore the stories and peg those who try to understand the connections and look for Truths as cynic and pessimist. There is not much to get distressed about. The questioning breaks many beliefs. It is a painful process to go through.

Today I can’t but help question everything around me. Question my actions and see how they are affecting others. Each question comes with a burden, with a change that is painful to carry out. Painful sometimes for me and sometimes for people who are with me. I have been gifted a Charkha and wish to see if I can make some yarn for myself.

Face to face with God

The preliminary steps are only so difficult, I am both curious and fearful of what lays ahead in the path. Both curious and fearful of what would happen when another belief of mine gets shattered, when I get a step closer to the Truth, a step closer to God. Would it take me a step away from the society I live in, from the people around me. Or will it eventually bring everything back? The wonder, the curiosity is much more than fear I believe and so there is an urge to keep moving till I come face to face with God.

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  1. February 5, 2013 10:28

    Today I can’t but help question everything around me…….please do not ask anything to the nearest to you, otherwise…..small kids ask many different questions, this shows their growth through natural way, good sign… keep it up!


  2. February 17, 2013 15:11

    Hmm…. I have a counter to your point when you say that you have decided to buy from the local grocery stores. Some of the large retailers came into the picture when there was no surety in quality, source and pricing from the local groceries. Once faced with the competition from the big retailers, the small shops are forced to give the best quality to survive.

    So it is not power which corrupts, but power which exposes corruption. Do you think that if the small grocery shop owners were to become rich, wouldn’t they succumb to the same greed, if the thought already existed in their minds?

    But I agree with one point. We should not let the arms of power have the extra space of abusing their power.


  3. February 17, 2013 15:31

    I am not sure if power exposes corruption, but I will think about it. If a local grocer starts to cheat, our understanding of economics says that competition from others would force him to stop indulging in unfair means. Now I have 2 points here –

    1. Firstly, I do not see pure competition taking place anywhere. Today big players like Reliance etc have power to turn and twist things to suit themselves. They have more power than a local grocer to affect even the policies made by government in their own favor.

    2. Secondly let us assume if there is pure competition in existence. In such a case I agree with you that things will fall in place. But in my view (and this is just my belief, which surely can be challenged) the grocer should not cheat, not because he or she is afraid of competition, but because they think that this is “the” right thing to do. Can this happen? I have seen a part of this happening in my village. In a small village where one can see glimpses of what a community living in peace would look like. A small community where in the grocer is also like a family member and not just someone I have to have financial transaction with.

    Yes, this seems a far fetched idea in today’s world and yet I feel this is the only way. if relationships are nurtured, if love is pulled back into our lives we would have less reasons to cheat, hoard, collect things for ourselves and lead a selfish life…


  4. February 17, 2013 16:58

    It is not love and relationship… In my opinion it is the strength to keep others in check is what is missing in today’s date


  5. February 17, 2013 22:41

    But in a way you are right… a strong relationship is a prerequisite to balance the strength to keep others in check


    • February 23, 2013 19:25

      There is a nice movie – “Instinct” based on a novel “Ishmael” by “Daniel Quinn”… I loved both the book and the movie.. You also might want to see it.


  6. prahlad verma permalink
    March 30, 2015 18:57

    Now a days everyone want to show power to others on behalf of thier relatives in politics or thier nearer in police or any close beaurocratic post ,or some one in HISTORY SHEETER,ETC .this sybolise as a ROYALITY in thier society.our ancient history is the evidence of this culture .
    But the problem with the the AAM AADMI those are not secure in this culture.and he is in fear and comfused and fixed


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