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She continued to give out food.

July 14, 2012

Wonbe was a sensitive girl, sensitive to the world around her. She once believed that throwing the leftover food was a waste and she should avoid doing that. She would diligently finish her food and in case something was left over, she would feed it to dogs or birds. Whenever she saw someone throwing or wasting food, she would feel bad and would curse the person doing so. She had her reasons. Having had read stories of children not getting food, people in parts of world starving and she took it upon herself to see to it that whatever food she was in charge of does not go waste.

…And then one day something different happened. One evening, Wonbe was sitting in her garden, enjoying the nuances of nature. It had been raining on and off for last few days and the garden was full of little birds, butterflies and other forms of life. Wonbe was eating some rice dish. After finishing she bent down to pick the few grains that had fallen on the grass. On the grass she saw this beautiful trail of ants on an arduous journey, moving up and down the grass leafs. It was fascinating how they were so elegantly climbing every little grass leaf and coming down. Some of them had already picked the few grains she had dropped. Wonbe just sat down there looking at the world of these small beings. Once she started doing that she saw a lot of other different small insects, the whole community living and thriving there, something she had not seen before so closely. Some were coming out the mud; some were slowly dragging themselves on the leaves, some hanging from the small webs, some just sticking to the leaves, while there was this one kind which kept flying off and coming back to the leaves with speed unmatched. Some of them were carrying bits of food. All were busy doing something or the other… and the food that she had dropped off was not going waste. She sat there for long, spent hours observing life she hadn’t enjoyed earlier.

Next day after she had finished her food, Wonbe went out to keep some left over rice for the street dog. But something had changed. The sensitivity was still there, however, a certain belief about food or anything getting wasted had got dissolved. She threw the rice in her garden and by evening most of it was gone. She continued to give and share food all her life – now with people, animals, plants, soil and more. The qualm was replaced by understanding. The disgust towards indifference of others was replaced by a smile. That night, in her diary, Wonbe wrote about it –

How little do we understand of this world? How little do we understand of life to form beliefs, to segregate people and actions into good and bad! How our baseless and frivolous beliefs make us love and despise people! I know not what else to write and how to convey what I feel. I am freshly in love and awe of Mother Nature. May I say – I now feel stupid and happy, ignorant and peaceful.

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