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Create a Community

June 3, 2012

Text taken and modified from “How to build a community” poster.

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  1. Maryea Amatu Rab En Nasir permalink
    June 3, 2012 23:30

    Reblogged this on sylphontheloose.


  2. Shruti permalink
    June 4, 2012 16:57

    Sum it in simple words..Love it..Love it..Love it.. Your blogs are one of the main things that help me get a handle on life, ensuring I try my best to live it in a way that it still makes sense..Keep blogging, Boss!! Keep Inspiring!!


    • June 4, 2012 17:05

      I am glad it does Chuhiya πŸ™‚ that was one of the sweetest and encouraging message received.. love it.. love it.. love it πŸ™‚ thank you


  3. Sudha permalink
    June 5, 2012 08:54

    Truly inspiring piece or art and beautiful simple combination of words. A small other world in itself πŸ™‚ Keep creating.


  4. aishwarya permalink
    June 13, 2012 14:20

    I hope that this utopian vision comes true !:) the world will be a much better place to live in πŸ™‚ this step on your part reminds people that change is possible and there are people who share the same vision:)keep writing always πŸ˜€


    • June 13, 2012 14:37

      thank you πŸ™‚ am not sure if the vision is ‘utopian’ in nature or if we have made it like that.. it seems so easy to manifest and also so difficult. For instance whenever I try living in present and act on these things (which happens rarely though) the world changes itself, instantly – people become more pleasant, i can hear the birds and see dogs lazing around.. it all becomes too easy in that instant..


      • Aishwarya permalink
        June 27, 2012 23:07

        The changes ( hearing the birds , dogs lazing around, butterflies in their colourful self ,buzzing honey bees …:) ) go well with me … But making ppl change their old ways n asking them to go beyond their needs and gadgets sure seems like a Herculean task to me:)


  5. June 28, 2012 08:31

    Aishwarya – I am not sure if it is possible (or good idea) to try and change somebody (probably the reason why it seems a Herculean task)… Who could? I sometimes think that all one can do is carry on his or her own work.. Those who get attracted will change (for good or bad :).. that’s the easiest way.. Those who don’t, will not and I sometimes feel trying hard to change them is violence.. What do u think?


  6. aishwarya permalink
    June 29, 2012 20:10

    that is another dimension indeed ..:) i gree that forcing would be violence but inpiring ??/that seems fine to me..i believe that we can never be the India we want to be unless we decide to shed our egos and selfish motives..and further to me life is a continious cycle of changes.. each day some part of me gets transformed ..i dont want the people to change but atleasst they could try and be like the person who they paint themselves in the society to be..soo i guess you are right bout attraction towards changing it is not something which can be forcefuly done ..


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