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Let them find out their own meaning!

November 17, 2011

In the face of every new born I see untainted innocence and pure honesty. In the eyes, I see an inner self that is ready to burst forth and absorb the world; an enthusiasm that has no parallel, enthusiasm to understand this world, enthusiasm of a level that a small child manages to learn his mother tongue on his own. In every new born I see a miracle of life, a miracle that tells us that every child has a potential to contribute something marvelous to the understanding of the world, of life, a potential to be nothing less than Vinci, Mozart, Tagore and Picasso himself. This potential which is very fragile, needs utmost care, fertile hands to materialize.

Instead for quite long now we have got ourselves into a task of killing this potential, into this tortuous task of turning every new born into us! In the name of education (which today is nothing but schooling) we have nearly perfected the art of imposing our understanding of the world (which by the way is nothing but inherited knowledge, accumulated information and is nothing more than close to nothing) on to the brain of every new born. And we present our understanding of the world with utmost confidence, stopping the curious ones where ever they are and closing all other doors. This way for every child the unknown world is turned into a known thing, the curiosity to understand life afresh is subdued, the excitement to do so is killed. The possibility to look at life from another angle is squandered there itself. And it is squandered pretty ruthlessly.

And lately with advent of mass education programs we have started doing it more efficiently and effectively. We have also managed to create factories (schools with mission to impose our limited understanding of the world on young children) where children are being shaped into beings (products) we adults want. Confucius had once said, “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.” Dangerously this trend has become so rigid in our minds that any person who escapes the systems, jumps the boundaries and tries to look at this world differently, tries his own method of living and understanding it is at first not only called pessimist but also treated like an outcast. Some who dare to be outspoken of their own different understanding (Gandhi, Lincoln and Luther King) are assassinated.

Despite the doings of mankind, nature continues to hope to break this trend. With every child born, it throws at us a new possibility, a new ray of hope, a hope to break ourselves out of all prejudices. This new born might find his or her way out and discover a new meaning of life. This one might discover it through art, through impressions. The other might discover the meaning through his inner music. For the meaning is yet unknown and many are the ways, many as there can be drawn radii from one center. If only we could understand it and leave our children to discover a future for themselves and shape their own path into the unknown, can we hope to have humans who live.

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  1. Wanderer permalink
    November 17, 2011 21:54

    Beautiful write up… Loved the last line – If only we could ..leave our children to discover a future for themselves and shape their own path into the unknown, can we hope to have humans who live. Keep writing dude


  2. Pranoy permalink
    November 18, 2011 08:37

    Very well said, Awesome thoughts man… Loved every bit


  3. Tapaswi permalink
    November 18, 2011 19:30

    Awesome post. Read through many other posts and it was a treat. 🙂


  4. November 21, 2011 22:47

    Excellent, profound and right!


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