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They suffer. We dream.

July 28, 2011

A conversation between B and G

over what to do with little India (little India is a prototype of India with simplified numbers) and B could be Bureaucrat and G could be Government or may be someone else. It does not matter.

B: So Now what do we do?

G: Hmm… What do have here in the little India (The ratios of India to Little India have been kept intact)?

B: It is a small place with 350 villages with a population of 420,000 and 3 cities with a population of 210,000 thus we have total of 630,000. And we have about 370 schools.

G: What are these schools doing?

B: Educating the children

G: Educating ok, but what really are they doing?

B: Hmm.. Segregating children based on logical intelligence, discipline and competition

G: Good Good… And?

B: So out of total of 130,000 children we have about 13,000 elites who are performing well according to parameters we have set. Rest have started losing faith in themselves and their abilities.

G: Hmm.. Nice. You know what to do with these elites of little India. Offer these 13,000 nice cushy jobs, pay them good money… they would be happy and their parents would be bloated with pride too. Keep selling them the growing GDP picture.. And and yeah do not forget to sell them the new flat screen TVs, which would keep them occupied and mum 🙂 when we do the good work.

B: Yes Sir absolutely

G: Let these 13,000 be the people who help us, media and our fellow partner corporations run the show. And then we can do whatever with the rest of them. Run our little dance of Democracy there.

B: But are you sure Sir, that these educated people would never come in our way?

G: Offo… did I not tell you to sell them the new Fla-tron TV and give them good pay packages. Show them THE DREAM.

B: Yes you did

G: That would do it… They would be busy making investments playing with their money, buying Armani and watching TV whenever they get any free time. Do NOT you worry.

B: What an Idea Sir jee… You are a genius 🙂 

And what an Idea is the Idea that is working in the country today, and working quite well too. As we so called Educated are busy doing the same things that were planned for us, the government and big corporations are doing what they do best, exploit the masses. And how? Well many have written books on the same, so I definitely cannot do justice to the same topic here in a little blog post. But I can give you two instances to read (read and forget for some) –

Do we know (I) – We are not even allowed to choose the way to educate our children!

Last month I visited an Alternative school. What is an Alternative school? Well, let us say what Tagore and Krishnamurthy envisioned with Shantiniketan and KFIs were nothing but an example of alternative schools. A learning space where children would get real education of body, mind and soul, where children are not bound by the curriculum, board or classes, but learn the way they wish to. And to see a living example, I visited one of the schools started by this enthusiastic lady some 30 years ago and I fell in love with the space. The school has only 50 students (they do not want to cross the number as they feel with more children it will become another factory) and it was a treat meeting the children there. Each with a beauty and vision of his or her own, they were truly learning.

Sadly with RTE (Right to Education Act, which many consider as a Revolution in education space) in place this school would become illegal after 2013. They do not subscribe to the board and do not have teachers with B.Ed degrees. That is what makes them illegal. “What can I do? I have been running it for last 30 years and now they say I have to close!” she says. “Government officials would come and demand bribe or shut the place down. There is nothing we can do about it, but fight”.

Do we know (II) – Our land is not ours and we can go to hell

Oh! do not be scared. This applies to us if we are the people living in remote villages or the Adivasis in forest.

According to the law, every person displaced because of any dam constructed is entitled to a separate piece of land. In 2000, in Madhya Pradesh, Maan Dam was built and about 1000 Adivasi families were displaced. Sad part is that these families were not offered the separate piece of land, and were instead asked to get lost with some paltry amount of cash. “Take it and Go… take IT and go”, they said. Four of them including a woman (Vinod, Mangal, Chittaroopa and Ram Kanwar) sat down on a hunger strike for more than a month (longer than Gandhi did on any of his fasts during the freedom struggle). And their demands were more modest than ever. All they wanted was a separate piece of land in exchange for their own land which was forcibly evicted. And what happened? Some of them while fighting for justice had lost more than one-fourth of their original weight and were sitting on their death bed.

But no government official even bothered to visit them. It was no where in the news! Even the Holy Media turned their face away from the little tin shed where the four were sitting and waiting for justice.

A lot more than this happening. The question is are we even aware? And why should we not agree to some who say that time of Britishers was better. Who say that we have not got any freedom and that white people have left and the seats have hungrily been occupied by Indians. Even before the Independence, there were Babus (educated, elite group like us) who were free to enjoy their lives while working for the exploiters (the British then and the Government and some Big Corporations now!)

In 2000 at that time I was busy preparing for JEE, earnestly working to secure my position in the society and a high pay package. And so were many of us, trying to secure best for our own lives and climb our way to the top of somewhere unknown, running after THE DREAM that has been shown to us. And even today as I write we can see the same (displacement, forcible eviction, helplessness) happening throughout the country. With the Somalians. 15 million People in Somalia and regions nearby do not have food to eat and could die within the next one year (2011-2012) because of hunger. Yet we do not know about all this. Some due to the fault of Holy Media. Some due to that of our own.

And yet Aware we are of so many other things – we did follow the test match ball by ball, we read and were aware of every move the Pakistan’s new Foreign minister was making and posted all our favourite messages about her on face book. And all that indeed was fun

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  1. July 28, 2011 16:56

    Another nice post ..I see that you are maturing, your writings now reflect the deep thought you have given to the matter …keep learning consti 🙂


    • July 28, 2011 18:48

      thnx.. but the ques is how much of that ‘deep’ thought resonated with you.. what according to you results in the obliviousness and apathy one sees all around?


  2. R Basu permalink
    August 1, 2011 13:52

    fabulous post



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