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September 16, 2010

The story attempts to reason as to what can be the attributes of right Shiksha and why right Shiksha is not taking place, despite the growing awareness.

This is story of Raju, Raju who was innocent, full of hope and charm. Raju had come to city to make living. He was BA pass and was both sincere and hard-working. He was eager to get some job in the city, work hard and live a nice peaceful life.

A few days were spent living in a chawl and Raju realized that it was difficult to get a job. He was discontented with the system at times but more or less remained cheerful. After a long search he got a job in a laundry shop. Raju happily joined the shop and started working for Rs. 45 per month. Days passed by and one day Raju fell in love with a girl, Vidya. Vidya ran her own small school for children living in a chawl.

Raju was happy but was slightly worried about the future after marriage. Vidya tried to explain that it was not only his but both of theirs duty to make sure that the future remains secured. Vidya had lived all her life in a village. She was taught by her father who was her only guru and possessed no degrees as such. However, Raju was not wholly convinced and then things started to change. Raju fell prey to a charmer. Raju had an art, an art to do tricks with cards. Just that he never thought that this trick could be used to make crores. A rich man called Sethji discovered his art and swayed him to make money. The game started. Raju was taken to parties and used as a pawn to make money. He played and Sethji got richer. Raju also got his share. He got a big house, rich clothes, name, and fame. Vidya realized that something is not right. Vidya time and again explained Raju that he should not use his skills to fool people because that is not right. She explained to him that this easy money would degrade him as a person. Raju got lost in his own world and then in a fit, one moment left Vidya after she expressed her disapproval of his conduct.

Things were getting easy for Raju. But the good heart was always there, his humanity never relinquished him. Vidya was no more there with him but because of her presence, even in sin he remained potentially incorruptible. It was not late before he realized that this path was not meant for him. Raju was lucky I believe. His saviour was of course Vidya, his love and the voice of his conscience who always remained with him. Raju left everything, went back to life of righteousness and so called poverty. Raju and Vidya married and worked for the school. They made meagre amount to sustain themselves but never left the path of love and truth.

Vidya in the above story symbolizes right Shiksha. She was shown as a person who was lover of truth, purity and righteousness. She was fearless and realized that though it today’s scenario it would be tough to make living, she should not let Raju do something that goes against the natural human tendency of love for others. She had ability to quickly choose between right and wrong. She was large at heart and continued to love Raju despite his conduct. She was the master of art of forgiveness. It hardly took her anytime to forgive Raju once the realization dawned on him. In her school she strived to produce such little souls who would first have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and then the heart to forego the wrong and choose the right path despite the thorns that it had to offer.

The game played with Raju still continues to be played. Our various skills are first generated and then used and exploited in name of money, fame and power. It’s difficult to get out of the game, as the game is no longer that apparent. Today our Sethji remains hidden under the veil of some big corporations and Vidya is no longer there to support us. The situation has been made complex. Somethings are easy to gauge some are difficult. To take the difficult example, what happened with Raju is happening also with with people working in a couple of electronics firms –

Aluminium/ bauxite a few electronics companies use is being procured from Guinea? The result of the mine in Guinea is that 70 percent of Guineans live in poverty. Moreover, bauxite revenues have enabled the military junta to consolidate power and ignore international sanctions. There have been 200,000 cases of rape reported against the military junta in last few years, thousands of small children work in the mines. All this because of the mines getting operated there. Read more at  The people working in such companies need to know this. But the fact is that he never comes to know of all this. The big companies will not let the information out. And to top it our current education system, which is well geared to produce machines who fight for excellence and get trained to rule the world, will never teach you such stuff.

I remember my Grandfather telling me that one should be aware that he does not do anything wrong in his life and equally aware that he should not be accomplice to someone who is doing wrong. The situation became both scary and beautiful when I start to believe in what he said. Today’s charmer (big institutions, corporations) would not let you analyze, they will not give you time and would do anything to lure you away. Else you would leave them… Sadly in name of education also they make us highly competitive and insecured beings and like Raju we become easy bait for these corporations. Shiksha (Vidya) is no more there to help us realize the path of truth and love.

To think of it, the system will not allow her to come anywhere near the children, for the system itself in the presence of right Shiksha would collapse and die.

The story is adapted from Shree 420 (a masterpiece by Raj Kapoor)

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  1. Kush Sharma permalink
    September 20, 2010 14:33

    Beautiful….loved hearing from you….. 🙂


  2. Rihana permalink
    September 21, 2010 15:26

    Yes so very right. But the system is growing, expanding and encompassing almost everything. India turning into another America in hope of development and happiness. Do we really see any hope?


    • September 21, 2010 15:57

      Shiksha (Vidya) if we understand it correctly, I believe is beyond all this. She continues to manifest herself time and again through us. She has the power to destroy greed, jealosy and urge to rule the world and make us walk on the path of benevolence and righteousness.


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