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Let Me Go Back in Time

August 2, 2010

Oh Lord Almighty
Look at me
Listen to my prayer
For once.

Where are you?
At times I feel
I see you
And know you.

Are you on the net
Or on the mobile
And also listening
To your walkman?
Are you chewing gum!

Or are you asleep
In the Heavens or
The skies beyond
The blue?

My Lord,
Wake up, wake up
You say you are
Anyway listening.

Then listen my Lord,
Listen carefully
The matter is too serious for me.
Don’t be a bully.

Lord, Take me
Back in Time

Let me be in a cave
With a bear
Let me be under a tree
With a wolf

Let my Gods be
The spirits
Of the trees, earth, skies
Of rivers and the breeze
Of the hills and wild flowers
Of the spirits of things
Not existing.

Who needs these temples
Churches and mosques.
I will worship
All trees-animals-rocks
Who needs these celebrities
And their malls
I will refrain from
All alcohols

Lord, take away
These Ramas-Krishnas
Other Gods and demigods
Take back your only son Jesus.
He is being used by the Pope
He says you are on a dope.

The Krishna Leelas are
No more fun
Poor and women
Have been shunned

Take away Moses and Allahs
They have killed many and more
Who needs your prophets
Saints, Sufis, or goons
The priest warps them
Up very soon.
Let me go back in Time.

Let me by a river live
Counting pebbles and ripples
Every widening

Let me by a banyan tree live in void
I need no Buddha
To occupy it.

You first create sorrow
And then send a Buddha
For compassion.

You first create a war
With neighbors and
Then send a Jesus
For understanding Love.
My Lord
Let me live by a
River flowing

Let me go back
In Time

Let me be
With the earth innocent,
The skies sacred, with the
breeze flowing pure

Let me live with
Animals and flowers
And not tame or shape them.

Send the cows to the forest
Send the hens to the jungle
Send the horses into wilderness
Let the sheep run away
Let the goat go to the mountains
May each find their abode
But, not around tamed
By this human being
Not around with the
Cannibals modern

Lord let me go back
In time.

Who needs these religions
Anyway, dividing me
And my brother
Who needs these armies
Defending me from my
Father, defending
Strips of land with
Borders not existing.

Who needs these modern
Gadgets, TVs, computers, microwaves
And washing machines.
These industries and mills
Cause new diseases
They chew human hearts
And eat up human brains.
They kill fingers and skills.
They make every being
A machine
Every home a casino
And every temple
A brothel.
Every brain has become
a square computer
And, every computer
A new God.
Lord, they say you
Are dead-demolished
And forever gone.

Who needs these lifestyles
Of speed – superhighways
They kill trees ancient
And, I have no where
To go.
Now water is no more pure
And you cannot breathe
I sleep with an oxygen cylinder
It is no more life, you know.
There is no space open
There is no sky clear
There are no hearts with love
There are no brains with goodness

Lord, take me back
In Time.

To live by a river flowing
Dancing and singing
With children and fellow beings
Who needs an audience
And these performing arts
These perverted paintings
And these perverted Picassos
Of perverted buying and selling
With perverted printed money

Lord, take me back
In Time

I promise I will live
By my needs
I will take and give
Why the bargains, why the
Markets, why store anything
Not even thoughts
You say!

Why the kings and colonies
Why the imports and exports
Why exploit any being
Why these dictators or
Democracies, they keep
Declaring wars on matters
Not existing – only imagined
Why these armies
They fight themselves
Each becoming his
Own enemy.

Who needs these politicians,
Lawyers or judges
They are all criminals
Playing cat and mouse
With me and
You too.
The police is the mafia
And it’s no more a secret
You see.

Who needs these business schools
And management institutes
They manipulate minds,
Money and myths too.
Who needs these shares and banks
A few gamble with
My child’s money.

Who needs these bars,
Casinos and pubs.
Lord, I promise
I will eat when hungry
A few seasonal berries.

Who needs these cars, cruises
And concords
I will walk on the hills and beaches
I will swim in clear glades
I will climb trees beyond reaches
And like an eagle, alone
I will soar in skies.

Who needs these schools
My Lord!
They destroy children and
Kill their innocent smiles.
Who needs these doctors
And hospitals.
They are manipulative skilled vultures
They create new diseases
And do not allow me
To live or die in dignity.

Who needs these damn dams
And shocking electricity.
The sun and the moon
Will be in my eyes.

Lord, take me back
In Time.

Let my life flow
In the unknown quietly
As the river pure
Meets the ocean wide.
Let me live in awe of the stars beyond
And the dawn and dusk
Of every day.

Let me be humble
In my prayers for
The unknown.

Now, I’m depressed,
On pills and confused
In my air-conditioned room
In a high rise tower
Of cement – steel
Newspapers and six rooms.

Lord, take me back
In Time.

I promise I will
behave myself
don’t punish me with
this modernity
of plastic bags
and colored rags
called national flags
they are everywhere
and masked faces of
robots in men.

This technology keeps
Dividing father and son
In the name of communication
This fast-fashion keeps
Dividing mother and daughter
In the name of beauty and nutrition.

These industries destroy
The sky and earth
This material thought
Destroys every consciousness.
Lord, take away these
Scientists. They are
Monsters wanting to conquer
Universe unseen.
And for their lustrous living
They create weapons nuclear.

Take away the bargaining
Jews – Jains – Marwaris
Take away Hitlers – Gandhis and Blairs
Take away Lincoln – Socrates
And Wittgenstein.
Take away all Gurus and
All their disciples.
Take away the journalists
And the social workers too.

Lord, take me back
In Time.

In the abode of my forest
Are wildflowers and drops of dew
I need no Newton or Einstein
I will eat only a fallen fruit.
I need no Beethoven
I now listen to the birds
I need no Gandharvas
I now listen to the flowing brooks.
I need no Krishnamurti
I have learnt to listen
I shall not organize
A family, a club or a holy book.
I need no Jesus
I am filled with Love
I need no Buddha
I am compassion incarnate.

Hello! Hello!
Lord, what, what??
You said something
You never existed
Only Man made you
From Thought.
What! It’s only the
Ignorance of the ‘I’
That imagines.

Lord, forget everything
I’m tired, bored
And helpless
Send me your
compassion and grace.

Send me back
In Time.

– Dr. Satish Inamdar
Written in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh
June 27, 2004

19 Comments leave one →
  1. Rihana permalink
    August 2, 2010 22:28

    Read.. re-read… reading again… 🙂


  2. ghoda permalink
    August 3, 2010 14:53

    “Take away the bargaining
    Jews – Jains – Marwaris”

    dude, I am jain :), and I am going nowhere 😛

    nice one dude, though I am interested to see a poem where you will tell us what are you going to do about it since GOD I doubt is going to listen 🙂


    • August 3, 2010 15:21

      Dude the Jain in you has already been taken away… 🙂


    • RedViv permalink
      August 4, 2010 16:12

      I happened to scroll down the poem and saw the last stanza, where the poet questions the existence of his Lord.

      So, after I had read the first few verses on technology, industrialism and capitalism, I imagined his Lord was figuratively being referred to Adam Smith. 🙂


      • August 4, 2010 16:33

        Part of the lord happens to be Mr Smith 🙂 probably thats what makes him feel dejected


  3. August 3, 2010 21:55

    while i was reading the whole poem ..after each para the thing that was coming to my mind was god didnt created all this ..all of it was created by man ..and lolz the writer acknowledges..

    But even if we consider that God exists .. he gave us a world so perfect to live .. and then we starting destroying it with each of our invention … and today we are here ..

    I dont know exactly the story of Adam and Eve where they had eaten the forbidden fruit … But i think that forbidden fruit is symbolic of ‘Desire’ … Earlier it was God or Nature who desired and decided ..and then Man began to desire ..

    anyway its difficult to change the world and the path where it is heading .. but can ‘we’ who feel that are going wrong change ourselves .. can ‘we’ go back or to put it in other way .. can we make ourselves ‘free’ after realizing the shallowness of the world .. personally I dont know the way .. I think I need Buddha and Mahavira to show me the way .. 😦


    • August 3, 2010 22:14

      You know what to do… and you need no one to show you the way, no Buddha or Mahavira. I think this is what they had taught too..

      I don’t think the poet wanted you to feel dejected after reading it 🙂 Atleast i did not…


    • RedViv permalink
      August 4, 2010 16:17

      It is almost certain, I suppose, that if given a chance to go back in time and start all over again, man would do exactly the same things that have been done so far.

      Don’t you think so ?


      • August 5, 2010 17:26

        I thought about it… It depends – If we already know about the outcome probably not… Atleast some of us will not

        Example – People are confused whether this village – city circle/ experience is imperitive for a generation to understand what it has lost. In Phillipines an organization did a small experiment. They took some youngsters from villages to show them the city life (life in slums, exploitation intermingled with glamour). Result of the experiment was that migration to cities (slums) in Phillipines has decreased drastically.

        May be its not necessary to go round the circle. May be we would not if given a chance again.


      • Achal Kothari permalink
        August 5, 2010 18:30

        @ Konsty
        If people know the outcome then there is nothing left, the point is doing the right thing when you dont know the outcome.
        .. Given a chance man would do the same as he will fall to his fears and insecurities and desires. ..
        ..the smiley is not a sign of dejection but to indicate the irony and to indicate the lack of knowledge and confidence in myself and the abundance of it in Buddha and Mahavira


  4. August 5, 2010 17:11

    I am reading your blog after so long and the come-back cudn’t have been better… the poem was absolutely fascinating.. and its strange that when we are taken back to things like this we relate it but the next morning its those same petty issues that haunt us..!

    P.S. Marwaris are not such a negative influence 😦 …


  5. August 5, 2010 17:20

    Thnx. Yeah the poem is beautifully written… keep a print out wid u and the slowly the petty issues will stop troubling you 🙂

    The poem has agitated both Jains and Marwaris (probab a jew will also comment someday).. Good that I am not clear about who I am 🙂


  6. Achal Kothari permalink
    August 5, 2010 18:35

    I dont think ‘agitated’ is the right word here 🙂

    but the author himself seems to be agitated, perhaps had some bad experience with some Marwari .. lolz 😉


    • August 5, 2010 18:45

      @ Achal – Don’t forget he has also had a bad experience with Jains and Jews 😉 i wonder why did he leave punjabis, bengalis and south indians…

      Refering to your previous point… You say – “There is no point doing the right thing if people know the outcome !!!” Well people very well know the outcome now. They can see what is happening. Is there no point left now? Does it not matter if now that they know, they choose the right path?
      What is else is Shiksha/ Education for then? Does experience (of his own and others) has no role to play in educating a man?


  7. August 27, 2010 13:20

    If you include punjabis, bengalis and south indians i assume you are left out? 🙂

    Btw, education can only provide man awareness and probably the understanding that he has a lot to choose from; his choice is still dependent on his own self interest


    • September 3, 2010 11:47

      education should provide man awareness and understanding.. but sadly that is wats not happening.. today education is making you highly competitive and in-secured person as such kind of people are best fit for an organization…


  8. Urmila Samson permalink
    April 21, 2012 18:18

    Not till we are completely lost or turned around… do we begin to find ourselves.
    – Thoreau

    Found this at the beginning of your blog. It addressed some of what you guys have been discussing. Good discussion, by the way!

    In one verse, it said about music something that I said to you on the way back from Jinan’s Samvaad. And in the same verse it mentions Krishnamurthy, and I returned with Rajesh Dalal the previous day. So I got confused and thought you had written the poem and that Rajesh had been in the car at the same time. Now I’m feeling connected in some crazy way to the poet!

    Incidentally, my best part of the Samvaad were my conversations with you.


    • April 21, 2012 23:05

      Yes, I think I now understand what you had told me about music, though at that time i hadn’t quite got it. I really love this poem. A few things helps ground me again and again.

      Same here, it is always so nice talking/ listening to you (whatever little conversations/ reading of mails I have had). Hope to spend more time with you sometime.


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