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Which Tomato?

June 17, 2010

I’ve often equated education to farming.

For years farmers have been growing “market” tomatoes ~ those perfectly round, rosy, unblemished tomatoes that travel well and look nice on the shelf. Unfortunately, when you cut them open, they have no flavor.

On the other hand, heirloom tomatoes may be odd colors, may not be round and may not actually look like tomatoes. They do not travel well, they may blemish or crack easily. However, when you cut them open and taste them, they are bursting with flavor.

I always told my kids teachers that I do not want my children to be raised as “market” tomatoes. I do not want them to fit into someone else’s idea of what they should be. Yes, they need basic skills and a good education. But we have defined “good” education too narrowly. If we make it our goal to raise good-hearted, responsible, well-informed citizens who can think critically and solve problems, then maybe we can better meet the needs of kids, and also build stronger societies.

By Brett Wilson

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  1. cheeto permalink
    June 17, 2010 17:28

    very true. Everyone’s lost in the rat race to get better marks in the narrow scope of education that has been defined by the system. We’ve been following almost the same system since many decades now. Its high time we broaden the horizons of our education system to bring out better and more responsible citizens of India as well as the world


    • June 17, 2010 19:23

      Absolutely.. ‘broaden the horizon’ is the key… Like this little girl (age 7-8) I met today in NID… Her mother (wife of a prof thr) was teaching her names of differnt leaves in garden, how to make clay products wid wet mud, imitating sounds of various birds around… A very imp part of education that many young children nevr get to learn and coz of which sensitivity, appreciation for nature, fellow beings, co-operation is lost…


  2. Consty permalink*
    June 19, 2010 18:52

    This is as a reply to a few people who have asked me this ques –

    Q. Does this mean ‘unschooled’ children are better than the ‘schooled’ ones? Is this against ‘schooling’ by any means?

    A. Answer is No and Yes to both the questions. In some cases where involvement of ‘good/ wise teacher’ or ‘educated’ (read educated, not schooled) parents or a ‘wise’ gaurdian is Zilch the answer is Yes. It is better to be a unschooled human than to turn into a self obsessed machine who has no care watsoever for the fellow beings, environment and nature. (sorry for being so dramatic in the last statement) 🙂


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