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But I failed again…

May 26, 2010

Couple of months ago I had written a post – Tia – the lovely little pigeon. In the post I had talked about how my brother, Anant, had saved life of a pigeon. I had also talked about the time when he tried his best to save life of another pigeon (which was severly injured). The pigeon did not survive but left a deep impact on all of us.

And I learnt that it requires a lot of courage to take responsibility of someone’s life and do your best to save it, a lot. It was always difficult for me to pick a dying bird from road and bring it home. How could I? What if it died midway? Isn’t it easier to just walk away and forget about what I saw? It always was, to forget about what I saw and not to feel ashamed of myself. I thought I was a changed person when I wrote the post on Tia. I wanted to learn from my brother and learn to take responsibility, not to ignore and not to walk off.

Last week while on my way to Sabarmati Ashram, I saw a baby pigeon lying in the middle of road. It was very tiny. A crow was carrying the baby and had by mistake dropped it on road. I went and picked the baby, not knowing what to do. So, I continued to walk. A couple of crows were following us. I continued to walk till they no more were. My mind was busy thinking of the best possible thing I could do to this bird. Should I take it home? And then decided it was best to leave the bird on some grass, slightly hidden. I kept the baby bird under a shade of a tree with some water and left for the Ashram, hoping that mama pigeon will come and take it away.

What if the little bird died in the house? I had no expertise to take care of the new born little bird! On the way to Ashram, I kept thinking of the little bird. My brother would have taken the bird home and kept it their with some grains and water. I did not. I left it under the shade. I could not gather the courage.

I decided that on my way back to home from Ashram I would pick the bird and take it home. I would do my best to take care of it. Name it Tia and feed it till it learnt to fly. May be help it learn to fly too. I was feeling good and changed. We went back to the same place, but the baby was not there.

I wanted to this time, but failed to save another life. Feeling ashamed of myself will, I know do nothing good…

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  1. sr! permalink
    May 27, 2010 15:00

    what can one learn? you can learn a skill, you can learn to cycle, you can learn to throw a dart, you can learn to sing, you can learn to paint, but can you learn to be courageous? can you learn to be sympathetic? can you learn to be selfless? do you think you can learn any of these by reading from a book, or by seeing someone else do it? yes, you will appreciate it, and you will wonder if you should be more like that person. yes, you will try to be more like that person, try to cultivate it, try to follow their footsteps, and try to be more like that person that you see, but don’t you think such an attempt at being someone else will be hollow, superficial? Don’t you think these qualities come from deep within?

    there are different ways to learn. some by reading, some by practicing, some even by teaching. but i believe that there are certain learnings that just come, that are just spontaneous. some people are born with it, maybe some are learnt early in the childhood, or some learnings that just ‘happen’ during the course of one’s life, like flip of some switch within.


    • Achal Kothari permalink
      May 27, 2010 18:20

      Hey !

      All that can be learned, and we do and its not an attempt to be someone else and thus not hollow or superficial because you respect the person for those virtues hence it is those virtues that you are respecting, and whoever has those virtues you will respect. Even when we worship God, its not because that he is almighty and he as all the powers ..but because he has all the virtues and we pray to those virtues. I dont know if you know or not, but there is a concept of Guna Puja worshiping the virtues. We all know that God is not in that temple rock but still we worship it and worship it with words and by singing praises about his glory and about his virtues. Not because that will make god happy, but because when we sing those virtues while being fully aware and knowing their meaning we inculcate those in ourselves.

      Thus Everyone can be God, everyone has it in him to be one.

      Same with the good people, great people ..when we meet them, we notice their virtues and praise them and try to be like them perhaps initially for the success they have achieved. But success is a natural outcome of following those virtues, sticking to your principles and mostly great men never cared for success, it just followed. To quote from one of the books,

      “It’s not of relevance that whether he became a king or not, what is of relevance is that how to inculcate those habit, how to attain that level of purity.”
      This was in reference to a story when a man passed a test by the existing king for selecting his heir. The man succeeded because he had particular virtues. But the point is even if this man was not made the king he would have practiced those virtues.
      Chankaya would be as intelligent even if he was not the mentor of Chandragupta. Even when he enjoyed the supreme status, he led a life of a saint. He possessed nothing.

      It might not be easy to change your old habit, to be sympathetic, to be non violent but it can be learned and learned consciously over the time. I have myself observed it and experienced it. Its all about your belief and your intention. It may also happen like a flip of a switch. When that happens, change is very apparent to self and others and perhaps that’s the reason you mentioned it because that is easily noticed.


  2. Consty permalink*
    May 30, 2010 15:06

    I would here agree with everything Achal here… these things are to be learned with a conscious effort. We as human beings have a right more a duty to imbibe these values in ourselves and also push others to follow them…

    Sadly not many follow them, sadly not many have time even to think about these. The cultural trend has left many alone on the rat race, a fight to garner things that he/she does not have time to even think about values.

    And so the person who says No (N), will tell the person who says Yes (Y):

    N- – Lets leave these to unknown, agar hota hai so bhala nahi hota so bhala…
    Y- – But should we not put conscious efforts?
    N- – No, there are many other othings that I need to put conscious efforts for – (1) a better job, (2) better salary, (3)fill my home with all the ‘things’ i can… And don’t you see all my energy, my stock of enthusiasm gets drained out by the time stars are visible at night.?
    Y- -Well, yes you are right… I think things will come with time. In case they have to. Lets Go on build our mansion


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