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Tia – the lovely little pigeon – a true story

March 3, 2010

I had gone home to celebrate Holi with my parents and brother, and in the evening was preparing to leave for Ahmedabad. We were about to leave for railway station when we saw this pigeon. All it could do was run. It was trying but just could not fly. My brother ran down, and brought the pigeon home. He kept it in balcony with some rice and water and we left for the railway station. Next day he called me and told that the pigeon had flown away. He told me that previous night when they went back home, the bird was sleeping peacefully. It had eaten rice and finished the water. Another life saved, I thought.

And then I remembered, yes, it was some 7 or 8 years ago when my brother (“He” in the poem refers to him) had brought another bird, again a pigeon (I just named it Tia) home. It was badly wounded, and did not survive to fly again. But what happened with Tia left a permanent mark. Here is an attempt to share it with you through a poem:

Some 7 or 8 years ago
I clearly remember the day
When he brought the pigeon
And put it down on hay

Tia was severely injured
It just could not fly
The left wing was bleeding
All we could say was try

He took some water
And cleaned its wound
He put some medicine
Tia looked neatly pruned

As three four days passed
The injury seemed to heal
Once in a while it did get up
And did manage to squeal

He spent most of his time
Sitting beside the bird
Feeding it time and again
With rice and with word

Then one day when we
Came back from school
Saw Ma looking at Tia
Sitting on a broken stool

“It’s not moving” she said
With sad look in her eyes
“Has not eaten anything
Not a single grain of rice”

“Think it’s no more. Has not
Not moved since morning”
Refusing to believe her
He sat and he started cooing

With some rice in his hand
He just continued to coo
And then Tia opened its eyes
Looked around as if it knew

It then got up, struggled, and
Walked towards the brown
We thought to eat the grains
As three of us calmed down

But wait, no, not to eat, But
To lay its head in his hand!
Eyes closed, breath stopped
Life slipped out like grain of sand

Tia was no more and
Our hearts just kept sinking
Looking at the little bird
We three sat there thinking

“Since morn Tia had lay still
Death filling it up to brim
It struggled to live, for it would
Leave not without seeing him”

Was Tia really waiting holding its last breath for him to come and see him one last time? May be yes…

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  1. Cheeto permalink
    March 3, 2010 16:17

    Very well written.. i remember you telling me the same story earlier.. sounds much more touching in your simple poetry.. enjoyed and love every single word of the entire piece…

    plz plz send the link to anant and ask him to read..


  2. Consty permalink*
    March 3, 2010 16:26

    thnks a lot 🙂 yes will definitely send him the link… I think he too will appreciate the flow.. 😛


  3. March 3, 2010 16:40

    boss aap itni depth waali poem likhoge to aapke baare mein opinion revise karni padegi ;). jokes apart, beautiful…


  4. Consty permalink*
    March 3, 2010 16:43

    Thnks chuhiya 🙂 but opinion kya hai? aur kya revision karni hogi?


  5. sr! permalink
    March 3, 2010 16:57

    going by how Shruti puts it, I think its best for you not to know what her initial opinion was! just be happy its changed for good…

    nicely written btw, keep it up!


  6. Consty permalink*
    March 3, 2010 17:01

    @ sr – 🙂 thats motivating enuf… thnks (will try and find that out secretly)


  7. March 6, 2010 09:48

    Hey… It’s beautifully written. Touching…
    The story I wrote based on Tia is here:

    Thank you for telling me this story.


    • Consty permalink*
      March 6, 2010 09:52

      Thanks… Yeah i knw, u had sent me the link.. Infact i had read ur story again to remind myself of details before writing this… 🙂


  8. Srujan permalink
    March 8, 2010 07:19

    Dude simple and superb. Just loved it.


    • Consty permalink*
      March 8, 2010 07:24

      thanks yaar 🙂 hope u r doin great…


  9. Desba permalink
    November 17, 2010 12:51

    really touching dude



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